The Elf Queen

Amlaruil Moonflower the Sad Queen is the queen of the elves. She is sometimes known as the Sad Queen after the death of her husband) is a moon elf and queen of the elven island of Evermeet. Amlaruil was married to Zaor Moonflower, King of Evermeet, who was assassinated. She became the sole ruler of Evermeet after his death. She earned the nickname the “Sad Queen” after living her life in a continuous state of mourning.

Evermeet, sometimes known as the Green Isle, is the final destination for all non-drow elves that have left Faerûn.
Evermeet resides primarily in the Feywild, the inhabited cities having all but disappeared from the Prime Material Plane. However, the natural landscape of the island itself remains on the Plane, albeit uninhabited but with strong ties to its fey counterpart. The island can only be travelled to and from under the stars by a secret oceanic route.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

She leads the Harpers.


The Elf Queen

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