The Diabolist

Countess Sarya Dlardrageth is a half sun elf, half fiend sorceress, leader of the demonfey and a princess of House Dlardrageth. She is over five thousand years old. Sarya has light red skin and dark red hair. She prefers to wear her magically protective maroon robes embroidered with gold. She has a seductive beauty and classic elven features. She is short and girlish. She has large, bat-like wings emerging from her back. The Cambion Countess is aloof, unforgiving, and totally without remorse. While her abilities make her a formidable foe, she prefers to have her son and nephew sully their hands in combat while she remains the planner behind the scenes. She has nothing but disdain for non-elves and utter hatred for most elves.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

She leads the Demonfey.


The Diabolist

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