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The Icons of Faerun

Within the Forgotten Realms, there exist 13 powerful individuals that lead equally powerful organizations that are the true movers and shakers of the campaign. As a whole they tend to be involved in any major, and some minor, plots throughout the Realms.

The Archmage is Khelben ’’Blackstaff’’ Arunsun of Waterdeep
The Crusader is Fzoul Chembryl, Exarch of Bane
The Diabolist is Countess Sarya Dlardrageth, Queen of the Demonfey
The Dwarf King is Bruenor Battlehammer, King of Mithril Hall
The Elf Queen is Amlaruil Moonflower, the Sad Queen of Evermeet
The Emperor is Degault Neverember, Open Lord of Waterdeep and ’’King’’ of Neverwinter
The Great Gold Wyrm is Steel Regen Alusair Obarskyr of Cormyr
The High Druid is Lady Cindermoon, Leader of the Emerald Enclave
The Lich King is Szass Tam, High Zulkir of the Red Wizards of Thay
The Orc Lord is King Obould Many Arrows, King of the Orcs
The Priestess is Qilue Veladorn, the Dark Sister of Eilistraee
The Prince of Shadows is the Xanathar, the Beholder Crime Lord
The Three are actually Four Chromatic Dragons (Belegos, Jalanvaloss, Voarghamanthar, and Waervaerendor)


The City of Splendors

The City of Splendors is certainly the greatest of the Sword Coast cities and perhaps the greatest cities on the face of the world. Its home to as many as two million people, though an accurate census is all but impossible since so many come and go, visiting the open city to trade and otherwise seek fame and fortune. Waterdeep is a stable and generally peaceful city, where the rule of law is enforced by a huge and well-equipped watch further backed up by some of the most powerful personalities in the Realms.


City Wards

The Lords of the city and the watch divide Waterdeep into seven districts, or “wards”. These are, respectively, Castle Ward, Sea Ward, North Ward, Trades Ward, the City of the Dead, South Ward, and Dock Ward. Divisions between these districts are not obvious to a visitor to the city, though the natives know the wards and their boundaries by heart. Industry and other activities are not restricted to any one specific ward (the exception being the City of the Dead, the only legitimate burial ground).


Castle Ward contains Mount Waterdeep, the Castle itself, the Lord’s Palace, and many of the barracks and other public buildings around them. Generally only the wealthy and powerful live here, and then only if they are involved in the daily intrigue and “night life”, the social cut-and-thrust of city life. Now, a number of temple complexes and education centers occupy this ward, though their effects on the ward as the center of the city’s political life are minimal.


Sea Ward lies to the north and west of Castle Ward, all along the seacoast. It contains most of the large temple complexes found in the City of Splendors, and may large private villas of the noble families and the very rich non-nobles. If one is not a noble, and not a “swinger” or diplomat, but becomes very wealthy, the Sea Ward is the place to live.


North Ward takes in the northeastern portion of the sprawling city, traversing as far south as the City of the Dead. It contains many noble villas and grand houses, but the presence of many inns and rooming-houses make it slightly less haughty in overall character than Sea Ward, the traditional home of the older, more established rich. North Ward inhabitants are generally thought of as very respectable and prosperous.


The City of the Dead is a walled cemetery, strictly patrolled at all times by the watch. No one may live within the burial ground and no one, whether they are vagrants or young noble dilettantes, can sleep overnight therein. The Lords and their servants maintain the graveyard in a beautiful, park-like open condition, its marble statues and tombs and gravel paths all well-tended and clean. The City of the Dead is often used as a launching and meeting place by natives of Waterdeep at all hours (despite the watches restrictions).


Trades Ward lies generally to the south of Castle Ward and the City of the Dead, and is an arbitrary slice of the bustling commercial area of the city, where most moderately wealthy merchants live, and much of the city’s light-goods and respectable trade takes place.


South Ward, as its name implies, is the southern end of Waterdeep, and its people and business are dominated by the caravan trade, with its necessary stables and warehouses. Many poor but honest Waterdhavians live here, as well as a few rising merchants and retired adventurers. This is the common man’s side of the City of Splendors.


Dock Ward takes in the entire dock and harbor area from Mount Waterdeep to the southern end of the city, and is the most crowded, dirty and rough district of the city. The vital commerce (and shady dealings) of Waterdeep keep its streets busy at all hours.


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