Xanathar Thieves Guild


Members of this thieves guild are trained in stealth, discretion, and tactics. An ever-growing organization, it utilizes multiple mouthpieces to protect and conceal the identity of the Zanathar. To join a member has to prove their ruthlessness and obedience in a test of loyalty, usually involved stealing from a friend or family member, as well as paying 300 gold pieces. The typical dues are 60 gp a month.

 Don’t steal from a guild-mate.
 Tithe 10% to Xanathar for all heists pulled in Skullport or Waterdeep.
 Draw as little blood as possible, this keeps the guild hidden in the shadows.
 Help a guild-mate when they are in trouble and they will be there to return the favor.


Xanathar Thieves Guild

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