Kingdom of Many Arrows

The Kingdom of Many-Arrows was an orc kingdom founded by Obould Many-Arrows in 1371 DR and recognized as a sovereign realm by several of the Silver Marches signatories the following year. It stretches from Mithral Hall in the west to the Moonwood in the east and to the Evermoors in the south.

The kingdom has lasted for 100 years to the reign of King Obould XVII. A group of renegade shamans of Grummsh wish to return to the old Orc ways of attacking their neighbors and sacking caravans instead of continuing to foster peaceful relations with them. Open conflict between Many-Arrows and the Uthgardt of the region however was rife since the realm’s inception.

 Bring those that are worthy into our clan, leave those that don’t to the wolves.
 Beware our ancient enemies; trust them only if they show that they can be trusted.
 Fight with honor, we can change the opinions of others only by our actions.
 Avoid spilling orc blood.


Kingdom of Many Arrows

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