Cult of the Dragon

The Cult of the Dragon, also known as the Keepers of the Secret Hoard, or more recently, the Wearers of Purple, is a semi-religious evil organization venerating dragons, especially evil ones. Founded by Sammaster, a powerful wizard capable of taking on the Archmage. Sadly Sammaster’s power led him down a path filled with madness and delusion. He came be believe that “dead dragons shall rule the world entirely” and began to work towards that goal. Even though Sammaster has perished, risen as a lich, and fallen again, his cult lives on and continues to threaten all of Faerûn.

Their last endeavor was to bring Tiamat from her prison in the Nine Hells to Faerûn but their plan was partially successful. While she was brought to Faerûn successfully, she is contained within an area known as the Well of Dragons, guarded by numerous metallic dragons and good aligned organizations.

 Venerate dragons of all sorts, especially the chromatic ones.
 Convince dragons to become dracoliches.
 Make the pilgrimage to the Well of Dragons at least once every 4 years to venerate Tiamat.
 Seek and acquire magic items related to dragons.


Cult of the Dragon

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