Lord Bronson Phaulkon

Caravan organizer, minor noble (Cormyr)


Lord Phaulkon used to be an animated giant of a man, proud of his appearance, his business, and his family. His wife’s death shattered him, leaving him an impatient grouch, snapping at anything that displeases him. Despite the stress and his grief, he is still honorable and constantly curious about other people; he is simply no longer the naive and trusting soul he once was and his curiosity now borders on nosiness as he wishes to know everything about whom he deals with before trusting them.

Trivia: People used to set schedules by the regular walks Lord Phaulkon and his wife would make from Adventurers’ Quarter to the Gull Leap and back each afternoon; he hasn’t been back to it since she died.

“Never throw pearls before swine”.


Lord Bronson Phaulkon

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