Duhlark Kolat



Personality: Intense is the word for this Kolat brother, and it covers nearly every aspect of his life, from his magics and research to the way he talks and eats. Duhlark focuses on one thing at a time and only one thing; if he is wrestling with a thought, he won’t even notice a tavern brawl around him unless it disturbs him. His intensity in all things is magnified if he’s lost his temper, though; there are two stray dogs in Waterdeep that simply had the misfortune of being drunken mercenaries who fell onto his table while he ate. His gruff, somewhat stand-offish personality keeps him from making many friends, and he treasures those few he has greatly (though not so any could notice). Rumor places him quite often in the company of Lady Hlanta Melshimber, though he will not talk openly about her.

Trivia: When Duhlark unleashes magic, he most often casts it in slightly nonstandard but highly visual ways; spells erupt as beams from his eyes or as a small illusory sprite that flies the spell to the target, etc.


Duhlark Kolat

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