Blakantar Tagon



Personality: Words to describe Blakantar often fall short; his approach to life is to focus on having fun! The young man is flippant, bold, and seemingly without fear. Confidence exudes from him, but he cloaks it in self-effacing humor. Above all, he is genuine in his warmth and affection for women and men alike. Those who say he isn’t a serious mage don’t see him studying late in the libraries at New Olamn, though his studies are balanced by revelry at the more exclusive noble galas. Many women try to catch his attentions, but none seem to hold his interest.

Trivia: Blakantar is becoming known as “the Laughing Mage,” as he gets easily amused when casting spells and apprehending foes; Blakantar often runs circles around his suspects (due to magical boots), playing games of tag with armed foes. Arrests by the “Laughing Mage” are often comical spectacles that many (except for those apprehended) talk about for days; Olophin isn’t thrilled with his methods, but Blakantar’s arrest record is good.


Blakantar Tagon

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