Alcedor Kolat



Personality: Alcedor is the very picture of dichotomy: He appears disorganized and rumpled, but his mind is sharper than those half his age; while he seems aged and wise, his manners toward young women sometimes border on scandalous; though he has an apprentice and his familiar, he is best left alone to his work (since he rarely notices others are there while he works). Many think him absent-minded at first glance, but a better term is “distracted” due to the great magics and theories he works out in his head.

Trivia: A frequent habit is to start a discussion with someone on some esoterica and wander away, answering and arguing with himself or his owl, Inquisitor; even so, many keep an ear open to his mutterings as he thinks out loud and many apprentice mages of the Watchful Order have learned much on magic in this way.


Alcedor Kolat

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