Vhonna Deepdell

Instructor at the Field of Triumph, volunteer at Helm’s Hall


Personality: Unapproachable, aloof, and very guarded are the initial reactions many have to this dignified woman, and that is what she appears on the surface. If she is comfortable around a person (often someone Travis or Madame Garah also trusts), she allows people to see her softer side, with her fond memories of the wilderness of the Sword Coast, her enjoyment of long walks along the Sea Ward beach, and a sincere love of music. Vhonna is a woman who cares so deeply about those around her that her emotional “armor” is the only way to cope with the losses her duty to Lord Torm has cost her. Putting the two together creates one of the strongest female adventurers ever seen in the Sword Coast, a woman as capable of nurturing an infant as leading an army.

Trivia: Vhonna and Madame Garah both share a rare fondness for Turmishite apple and bloodberry pie (an extremely tart version of cherry pie). Vhonna also is the only person other than Garah who can call Essimuth “Old Bear” to his face and live.


2nd Level Knight

+7 to attack, 13 damage on a hit.

AC: 20
HP: 42
PD: 13
MD: 15

Armored: twice per session, halves damage.

Battlefield Presence: Disadvantage to disengage from her.

+5 skills

Vhonna Deepdell

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