Escaped half-orc pit fighter


1st level Half-Orc Berserker

Skill: +3
AC: 15
PD: 14
MD: 12

HP: 30

Parkour Master +3
Pit Fighter +5

Icon Relationships
Steel Regent Alusair Obarskyr +1
Szass Tam -1
King Obould Many Arrows XVII ~1

Recovery Dice: 1d12
Recoveries: 8

+6 to hit, 8 damage, on a hit of 16 or higher, the target is stuck until the end of Sunamira’s next turn."

Massive Strike: Once per battle, you can do an additional 1d6 damage, hit or miss.

Rage: Swift action, triples damage bonus (+4) but you are vulnerable and you have to spend one round without attacking to end it.

Storm of Fists: reroll a natural 2 attack roll.

Sucker Punch: Upon being engaged, make a save, get free attack if it succeeds.

“Never borrow so much as a copper from your friends”


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