Rokkek Ingerr

Imports merchant


Personality: Rokkek Ingerr’s favorite topic is himself, of that there is no doubt. Nor is there any question of his second love: money. While pleasant enough in his dealings with people, Rokkek Ingerr is consumed with maintaining his business and keeping himself and his wife in the matter to which they have grown accustomed. He tends to be a bit blunt, if not downright rude, to those he deems of lesser stature (beggars, mercenaries, dungsweepers), but he is kind enough to give coppers to street children. Like his father, unfortunately, he has a wandering eye (and hands) for the ladies, and spends his nights at the many festhalls about the city. Of late, he has become quite gruff and terse with everyone, and is rarely seen around his home at all.

Trivia: Rokkek Ingerr has the absent-minded habit of constantly flipping a gold coin, stopping only when eating or when involved in business.


Rokkek Ingerr

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