Rachel Arren

Priestess of Lliira, dance instructor


Personality: One comrade described Rachel best as a human with a halfling’s energy, an elf’s grace, a dwarf’s tenacity, and an ogre’s temper.” Rachel is a highly pleasant person, her smiles ample testament to Lliira, the goddess of joy. However, Rachel does not suffer fools and liars gladly. She has an uncanny knack for sensing peoples’ honesty; if they are not truthful with her, she wants little to do with them. While she can be catlike and mercurial, Rachel finds pleasure in nearly everything, be it a ray of sunshine, the taste of a fresh red apple from a grocer’s cart, or her husband’s kiss.

Trivia: Rachel always wears an old brass pendant stamped with Lliira’s symbol around her neck.


Rachel Arren

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