Madame Carah

Boarding house owner & operator


Personality: Madame Garah is a cheerful woman who, while quite unassuming and harmless, is unflappable in the face of any danger. She never gets flustered and hums songs to herself while she works. She has nerve and determination enough to rule whole countries, but is quite content to look after her own hearth and home. One southern wizard described her as a “tigress protecting her cubs and den” when she faced down a Red Wizard in her parlor, demanding he take his vendetta against one of her boarders elsewhere; “I’d never seen an Autharch so flustered he knew he could blast her to dust, but I think her quiet confidence surprised him more!”

Trivia: She generates nicknames for her boarders and friends based on first impressions (which are often spontaneous) such as Secrets (Kylia), Scribbles (Laran), and Iron Rose (Vhonna); generally, she calls people “dear” or “sweetheart”, but if she uses a person’s full name, she is most definitely angry or bothered.

“Don’t decide to do nothing just because you can only do a little”.


Madame Carah

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