Lady Marie Phaulkon


Level 1 Human Bard

8 Recoveries

+6 attack for 8 damage
HP: 27
AC: 17
MD: 14
PD: 12


Noblewoman of Cormyr +5
Late Night Philanderer +5
A Wink & A Slap +7

Inspire: Twice per battle, you can either give a nearby ally a recovery as a quick action or let an ally reroll an attack as a free action.

Battle Chant: Whenever you hit an enemy you can also hamper or daze it. You also have a magical ranged attack vs. MD that does 1d6 damage.

Bard Magic: Once per scene, you make an attack vs. MD to either charm someone (save ends) who will even fight for you, change the mood of a while group of mooks (vs. best MD, works for a whole scene) or make a burst of sound that does 1d12 damage to 1d4+1 nearby enemies.


The elder daughter of Lord Phaulkon, Marie has always been the wildest of children. Despite a cultured, “ladylike” upbringing, she horrified her mother with wild escapades and excesses with the young nobles of North Ward (and, rumor has it, sailors in Dock Ward). Now, with her sister and mother gone, she rebels even more in excesses to avoid her father and his suffocating attentions; of late, Marie has four suitors among the commoners and noble men of Waterdeep and she is faithful to none.

Lady Marie Phaulkon

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